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We are here because we believe that technology should be of service to people, not the other way around. We believe that work has a price, but profit itself is not our driving force. What matters more to us is trust, learning and development opportunities and the ability to put resources in service to the community. 
For us, expertise is inseparable from creativity, and work is a source of pleasure.
We look back with pride, and into the future with curiosity and hope.


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We take pride in our tech stack, carefully crafted to make our work efficient and your experience seamless. Here's a peek into the technologies we use...


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We specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technologies to drive the digital transformation of our clients' service

What Customers Are Saying


The strong partnership we have with MAUS is the best thing that we have done in the past few years. Their professionalism, friendliness, and easy-going attitude while doing an amazing work is a very seldom virtue in today's world. 

Adis Jugo
President (Technology) at run.events

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A dynamic and highly skilled professional in the fast-paced digital landscape, driven by passion and perfectionism.To have an asset that understands your business and can work Individually with an innovative mindset is key to success. 

Mark Nilsson
CEO at First8.dk


From a business perspective, collaborating with MAUS is straight forward and uncomplicated. A flexible attitude and a completely straightforward approach to things. Overall, a reliable and valuable partner in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Peder Schjødt-Pedersen
Business Developer, Communication Advisor

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It has been and still is a great pleasure to work closely with you to deliver the best experience for our guests! You are skilled, have a fantastic team, and are quick to respond when support is needed

Lars Pedersen

Group 4X

We have defined a collaborative process with our clients. Let’s see if we are fit.

To commence our projects, we initiate with a brief consultation to grasp your needs. Following this, we embark on an exploration phase prior to commencing development. We look forward to discussing how we can meet your specific requirements.


Launching a web or app project requires thorough discussions in the initial client meeting. Key areas to cover include project goals, target audience, desired features, design preferences, technical requirements, brand elements, competitor analysis, and budget constraints. These details lay the groundwork for a successful project.

Our software project team, led by an experienced team lead, combines software engineers, QA specialists, and UI/UX designers. This cohesive unit ensures precision in development, guaranteeing innovative and reliable software solutions


Empowering Your Vision:

Beyond Design, We Transform with Technical Mastery for a Meaningful Impact on You and Your Business


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