Travelsphere - holidays of a lifetime

From Umbraco 7 to 13, and a refreshed community platform

Travelsphere's digital upgrade

Travelsphere, the renowned escorted tour specialist with a legacy spanning 60 years, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its digital footprint and provide travelers with a more modern and functional online experience.

This case study delves into the exciting upgrade from Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 13, along with a revitalized Community platform, demonstrating Travelsphere's commitment to offering unforgettable travel experiences.

Mobile - friendly booking

With an enhanced mobile version of their website, Travelsphere empowers travelers to effortlessly explore and book tours while on the move


Travel Phone


Community replatforming for improved engagement and functionality

The existing forum lacked user-friendly features like improved categories, efficient search functionality, and an intuitive gallery for sharing travel photos and videos.



Travelsphere upgraded their website to Umbraco 13, ensuring the latest security measures and features.

Meticulous Content Migration

Every content block was moved and recreated with precision, preserving valuable historical data.

Backend Optimization
The backend code was revamped to align seamlessly with Umbraco 13.

Minimal Downtime 
A carefully planned migration strategy ensured minimal website downtime during the transition.

Enhanced Security 
Umbraco 13 brought enhanced security, safeguarding Travelsphere's digital presence and customer data.

Improved User Experience 
The upgraded website offers a more interactive and user-friendly experience, with the enhanced mobile version further improving accessibility for travelers.

Content Preservation
Historical data and content integrity remained intact, ensuring a seamless transition for loyal customers.

Travelsphere's commitment to safety and flexibility was communicated effectively through the upgraded website.


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