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Collaborative Success: Building a Customized GeoGuide app with

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The project aimed to enhance visitor experiences at various destinations through a comprehensive, interactive mobile app.

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It is not just an app but a complete ecosystem comprising a front-end application and a robust backend built on Umbraco 8 CMS. This system allows for seamless creation, updating, and maintenance of content, empowering users to send updates independently, bypassing the need for constant developer intervention.

Show your routes, attractions, buildings, and more in the app. GeoGuide is your digital guide - developed with the aim of enhancing experiences, while not being a disruptive element.


Feature-Rich Implementation

The development of the GeoGuide app is a case study in successful collaboration. It highlights how understanding client needs, integrating innovative features, and focusing on user experience can transform a powerful backend tool into a widely loved app.

Quiz Module
A feature designed to engage visitors with interactive quizzes, making learning about points of interest fun and engaging.

Events Showcase
Integrating a dynamic module to promote local events, complete with real-time updates and ticket booking capabilities.

Interactive Web Map
A clean, easy-to-navigate map interface was developed, displaying routes, places, and events attractively and interactively.

Swipe Codes for Adventure
An innovative approach to make exploring destinations more interactive and fun, especially in areas where space for traditional signage is limited.

Open API for Real-Time Updates
Ensuring that any changes made in the main CMS were reflected in the app instantly, keeping the content fresh and relevant.

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