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Explore Jesperhus for an exclusive peek into the beauty and excitement that await at Denmark's premier tourist destination.

Jesperhus aimed to revolutionize the online holiday experience. The mission was clear: inspire bookings, delight guests, drive webshop sales, and optimize performance.

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Seamless Booking and Guest Data Harmony with Spectra Integration

Streamlined booking flow and a user-friendly webshop facilitate easy reservations and purchases. Integration with Spectra ensures seamless online booking and guest data management.

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Efficiency Unleashed

Custom interfaces and back-end systems efficiently manage activities, discounts, and packages. Galaxy ticketing integration and a staff app streamline operations.

The app for those who want a digital overview of Jesperhus

Seamlessly integrated with Spectra, this app enhances your Jesperhus experience, offering not only streamlined bookings but also exclusive rewards and real-time exploration opportunities



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Jesperhus redefines holidays with digital evolution

Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign and development process, starting with a deep analysis of Jesperhus' requirements.

The solution included:

  • User-Centric Design: A modern and intuitive design was crafted to enhance user experience and promote engagement.

  • Brand Integration: The website was infused with Jesperhus' brand elements, ensuring a cohesive online identity.

  • Performance Optimization: We implemented robust backend improvements to enhance website speed and overall performance.

  • Responsive Design: The website was made fully responsive, guaranteeing a seamless experience across devices
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Jesperhus' digital evolution is not just a website upgrade; it's a testament to a redefined holiday experience. Seamlessly blending advanced features, efficient back-end systems, and data-driven analytics, the result is a digital haven that not only meets but surpasses client expectations.

Seamless Integrations

Spectra, Mailchimp, NETS, Galaxy, Cookiebot, and Cloudinary integration ensure a cohesive digital ecosystem.
Multilingual support through Google Translate caters to a diverse audience.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and custom statistics for actionable insights. Server-side statistics and databox elevate performance evaluation.

Robust Server Infrastructure

Staging and production servers ensure a reliable and seamless performance.

Key Technologies at Play

Spectra (Booking and Guest API)
Mailchimp (Newsletters)
NETS (Payments)
Galaxy (Ticketing)
Google Translate

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