First 8’s custom LMS

Developing a Tailored Learning Management System for First 8 - Enhancing Workplace Safety Through First Aid Training

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In our venture to meet the unique needs of First 8, we set out to create a specialized Learning Management System (LMS) from the ground up. Driven by the requirement to offer first-rate first aid courses and safety products, our goal was to build an LMS that not only disseminates critical safety knowledge but also reinforces a culture of safety in the workplace. 

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Embarking on a groundbreaking journey, we transformed a concept into a versatile Learning Management System

Starting from blank wireframes, our team meticulously crafted a platform that evolves with technological advancements and user-centric design


Essential Features Foundation

Crafting Intuitive Course Structures & Enhancing Multimedia Interaction

Initially, the focus was on building essential functionalities into the learning management system (LMS), introducing a hierarchical course structure for easy course assembly, akin to LEGO blocks. Enhancements such as a floating video player for multitasking, fullscreen video options, and a simplified bulk registration process via Excel improved the overall user onboarding experience.


Seamless Integration & Administrative Oversight

Merging LMS with Web Shop and Introducing Advanced Tracking Tools

The subsequent expansion included integration with an online web shop, providing users with direct access to courses and equipment. A comprehensive statistics module was introduced for admins to monitor engagement and completion rates effectively. Additional features like bulk diploma downloads and a calendar for event management significantly increased administrative efficiency.

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First 8’s LMS Success: Serving Over 18,000 Customers with Tryg Denmark through advanced course booking and training solutions


Advanced booking and integrated product sales

The team at MAUS has also built a comprehensive calendar system, marking a significant leap forward for us. Now, booking and managing both in-person and online courses is smoother than ever. Instructors receive real-time notifications about their classes and who's attending, streamlining the way we organize our wide range of educational offerings.

We've also defined specific roles for super and admin users, with admins overseeing the entire system and super users managing team-related functionalities like diploma downloads. This technical blend ensures a powerful, efficient LMS, aligning with First 8’s mission to enhance workplace safety through quality training.


On top of that, we've made buying first aid products straightforward by integrating a sales system into our Learning Management System. This connects directly to the First 8 website, providing a seamless shopping experience. By simplifying the purchase of safety products, we've not only made it easier for our users but also created a more connected learning and shopping journey.

Our LMS is built using Angular and .NET, offering a dynamic and robust user interface and a secure, efficient backend. The Umbraco CMS is integral for backend management, streamlining the addition of courses and users. 

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